Incus ubuntu images cloud.init command not found

I just migrated from LXD to Incus using the suggested script.
when I try to launch a new ubuntu22.04 VM using this command, it says can’t find image:

incus launch ubuntu:22.04 ubuntu --vm --profile default --profile vm

Then I switched to this command, the instance is created successfully :slight_smile:

incus launch images:ubuntu/22.04 web-server --vm --profile default --profile vm

after the instance is started, the adding user config in vm profile is not executed, when logged into the instance and running

root@web-server:~# cloud-init status
bash: cloud-init: command not found

Is this an issue with the incus server images ?

images:ubuntu/22.04 doesn’t have cloud-init, images:ubuntu/22.04/cloud does.

images:ubuntu/22.04/cloud does not seems to be having ssh server installed, with the following cloud-init config, I can’t ssh into it

danny@home:~$ incus profile show vm
  limits.cpu: "16"
  limits.memory: 10GB
  user.user-data: |
    ssh_pwauth: yes

      - name: danny
        passwd: "$6$lxiENtQ7dgJvCj7k$KLiSnp4BXiNBFcHukMqrunYcQ6htUXSWBSNhl0jkm2Lb3uE2chOZorZi4.XMdcpf9i3ferTVLweBPHxUyNC8H/"
        lock_passwd: false
        groups: lxd
        shell: /bin/bash
        sudo: ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL
description: LXD profile for virtual machines
    source: cloud-init:config
    type: disk
name: vm
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It should be pretty easy to tell cloud-init to add the openssh-server package.