Incus unix-hotplug device

Hello i am trying to hotplug uinput created virtual device to a container.

Unfurtunately currently hotplug is only supported usb devices and hidraw devices.

In incus/cmd/incusd/devices.go file
ueventParseVendorProduct function has some limitations.

Only usb devices has props[“ID_VENDOR_ID”] and function returns from if subsystem != “hidraw” check.

Virtual input devices has input subsystem and product string which includes idvendor idproduct

I think there should be an input subsystem exception also like hidraw device type.

I am curios about your thoughts. Please let me know if i am missing some alternative handles.


We’re definitely happy to get more device types working with unix-hotplug, it’s just a bit difficult to do it without access to a suitable device, so if you’re up for it, having you send in a pull request for something that works on your system would be nice.