Incus VM/CT with Proxmox Backup Server

Has anyone tried, or looked into, being able to target Proxmox Backup Server to back up Incus VM or LXC containers similarly to how Proxmox VE works with PBS?

PBS works really well (especially with PVE VM/CTs) and there is a proxmox-backup-client package available for most distros which I use to back up my Manjaro/KDE desktop home directory directly to PBS. It works, but is nowhere as fast or efficient as when backing up a PVE VM/CT. My 160 GB Nextcloud VM takes 6 seconds most times, when there are few changes.

I already have a little 4 node Proxmox cluster with 3 Proxmox Backup Server nodes (one in a LXC container, 2 on hardware) and I want to start using Incus in parallel to my Proxmox cluster, and it would be great (and make a lot of sense) if clustered Incus nodes and VMs could also use the same PBS infrastructure that I already have in place. I won’t be dropping PVE/PBS until Incus has a well integrated backup system.