Incus vm fails to start on abnormal shutdown?

I started the Ubuntu mantic amd64 desktop VM on the incus server. But last night a power cut caused the incus server to shut down and now after restarting the incus server I found that the VM status is wrong.

incus restart vm

Error: The instance cannot be cleanly shutdown as in Error status

incus info vm --show-log

Name: vm
Status: ERROR
Type: virtual-machine
Architecture: x86_64
PID: 34193
Created: 2024/03/14 14:01 CST
Last Used: 2024/03/18 16:03 CST
Processes: 0
Disk usage:
root: 701.28MiB

incus rebuild vm-image vm

Error: Failed rebuilding instance from image: Error deleting storage volume: Failed to run: zfs destroy -r default/virtual-machines/vm.block: exit status 1 (cannot destroy ‘default/virtual-machines/vm.block’: dataset is busy)

incus console --show-log vm

Error: Instance is not container type

You probably want incus info --show-log vm

incus stop -f vm should be able to forcefully stop a VM stuck in error state.

I’m done. But the log is blank.

It should work, I found that qemu didn’t shut down the VM, I killed it with the kill command and restarted it successfully.