Incus VM for Ubuntu 24.04 Hangs

I have tried multiple times launching an Ubuntu 24.04 Incus VM.

incus launch images:ubuntu/24.04/desktop  Desktop-2404 --vm  -c boot.autostart=true

When I access the GUI:

incus console Desktop-2404 --type=vga

The GUI is very laggy and after a little while the VM reboots. An Incus VM for Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop works fine and has no such issues.

I am not seeing any errors other than the reboots. If I access the 24.04 VM with:

incus shell Desktop-2404

it works fine and has no issues.

Has anyone else seen this?

-c limits.cpu=2 -c limits.memory=4GiB, otherwise it’s running with a single CPU and 1GB of RAM so it’s going to struggle for a full desktop.

I guess I assumed that these were more “caps” as on containers. Thanks for the heads up.