Incus Web UI spacing

Incus 0.5.xx looks great and it seems like this is going to turn out really well once everything has settled!

Just a small suggestion regarding the Web UI. Perhaps it would be possible to add the feature of compressing the spacing between lines? At the moment, the interface appears to be afflicted with the design syndrome where form takes precedence over function, but maybe it’s just that the default setting has accidentally been set to “Usability for Seniors” for some reason :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, Cheers!

Ref: Principles of spacing in UX Design

The web UI we provide is a slightly re-branded version of the Canonical LXD UI.

As this feedback shouldn’t be specific to our modification, it may be worth suggesting it at GitHub - canonical/lxd-ui: Easy and accessible container and virtual machine management. A browser interface for LXD so it benefits both projects.

(We can do those kind of changes on our site through a patch, but that makes maintenance harder, not to mention, none of us are web developers so we’re likely to break stuff in the process ;))