Incus with encrypted pool

Im trying to locate info about the daemon. Need it to be stopped at boot to be manually started when the pool is opened.

So an encrypted pool not automounted. Is it a systemd service or what?

In general, the daemon is started by the incus.service systemd unit, so you’d want to make it so your logic runs prior to that unit starting.

Ok so i can just do systemctl disable incus. And do systemctl start incus when i opened the pool?

Yeah, you probably want to disable all 3 units:

  • incus-startup.service
  • incus.service
  • incus.socket

And then manually start incus.service once you’re ready.

The incus-startup.service and incus.socket units are used to auto-start things on boot or when the incus command is first run, so you want those two disabled as well.

Thanks. Will do!