Initial setup LXD (Thoughts / Questions)

I have used LXC for a few years now and am thinking of / going to move to LXD.

In this case I have a few questions in regards to initial setup.

  • I will setup and create the containers on my laptop, then move them to my server. what should I consider during initial setup.

  • Is it possible to bridge a WIFI connection?

  • I was thinking about making privileged containers as my NFS shares are shared between multiple containers. Will this create any issues (Like container1 user1 having a different UID than Container2 User2) ?

  • Does anyone know of a simple “management” server/page like LXC-Panel for LXD.

And is there an index page for this wonderful blogg!?

  • Creating on your laptop and moving to your server should work fine, just make sure you’re running the same version of LXD on both as you don’t want to start using features of LXD 2.x that would then go away if you move the container to a LXD 2.0.x server. You may also want to use the same storage backend on both. It’s not necessary for migration to work, but it will speed things up quite a bit.
  • Bridging WiFi very rarely works. Due to the way WiFi works, this can only be done with open networks (no security enabled) and even then, it may be dependent on your wifi driver. This is caused by the fact that WiFi uses the MAC address to identify authentication sessions, when you bridge, you get multiple MACs, which then fails to authenticate or just get dropped by your card.
  • If you use privileged containers, then all containers will have the same uid/gid, so in that regard you’re fine.
  • There has been a couple of attempts at making javascript-based LXD clients to offer some kind of web panel. I don’t think any of those are feature complete though.

As for my blog, a good starting point is this page which I try to keep up to date with links to all LXD related posts: