Install macos in lxd/lxc vm

I was watching this tutorial to install windows 11 in lxd/lxc vm Windows 11 VM on LXD - YouTube. Are there any tutorials for installing macos in lxd/lxc vm?

Not currently. There are a few users who have been trying, but it’s not particularly easy as while MacOS will enjoy that LXD uses UEFI by default, it won’t enjoy the fact that LXD uses virtio devices exclusively. Many of those (including the one for the disk) are missing MacOS drivers.

We also wouldn’t be publishing a video on this as my understanding is that running a MacOS VM on non-Apple hardware remains a violation of their license. So our only option would be to get Linux natively running (including virtualization) on an Apple machine first and then run LXD on that which isn’t something we’re equipped to do.