Installing Incus UI

I have generated a certificate using the UI at and now am at 1 Create Token step. I am tripping over the incus config add --name incus-ui command, which keeps reporting unknown flag --name. What name goes there? UID? Name of container? tried --name uid, UID only variations.

I have drilled down the --help options but still stumped. I realize this is probably a syntax question.

Also, will this only give me access to Incus command line, as opposed to a way to get to the image command line to add apps and such?

Does the container of interest have to be running for token creation to work? Also, does this override options in minimal YAML configs?

tnx in advance

Use incus config trust add incus-ui, basically remove that --name.

This is an error in the UI instructions which has already been corrected and will roll out with the next update of the package.

Tnx for the update.