Installing microcloud gives: "unable to get monitor info from DNS SRV with service name: ceph-mon"


I’m unsuccessful to setup a (test) microcloud. I’ve created five LXC VM’s each with four block volumes of 20GiB. I want to use one block device in each VM for the “local” storage pool and three block devices for CEPH.

I’ve snap installed lxd 5.13, microceph and microcloud in all the VMs.

Then I run microcloud init in one of the VMs. The first part is going fine. I can select the disks for local storage pool and disks for the "distributed storage.

Next I get

Initializing a new cluster
 Local MicroCloud is ready
 Local LXD is ready
 Local MicroCeph is ready
Error: Failed adding new disk: Failed to find next OSD number: Failed to run: ceph osd ls: exit status 1 (unable to get monitor info from DNS SRV with service name: ceph-mon
2023-05-06T19:41:24.552+0000 7fc4fa506640 -1 failed for service _ceph-mon._tcp
2023-05-06T19:41:24.552+0000 7fc4fa506640 -1 monclient: get_monmap_and_config cannot identify monitors to contact
[errno 2] RADOS object not found (error connecting to the cluster))

I’ve repeated this process a few times (from scratch, new VMs, etc) but it keeps giving me this error.

Any ideas @masnax @stgraber ?