Instances are Falling Off Network Forward Zones

Hello LXD fam!

I’m having a bit of an issue with some of my lxd containers falling off my network zones. When I create new instances I’m able to see them pop up but for some reason the some old containers after a restart will not get a dns name. I rely on the dns name for load balancers to get to the services I need.

This is happening across projects and different network zones on different hosts.

I couldn’t get you logs as I have no Idea where to even start looking for this. Syslog is clean


I guess another troubleshooting question I have is… If I do notice a something wrong with my network zones ( I have 3) How do I restart/reset it.

I just tried to add an instance and it did show up in my network zone, but existing containers won’t.

One of my troubleshooting steps was to, try, to downgrade to 5.13 to see if it was a problem with 5.14 and that went horrible. It looked like I lost quorum. I ran through the restore quorum steps and it got mad that I was 5.13 and the database was not. So I re-upgraded and after that all of my network zones started reporting all the instances correctly again… I’m not exactly sure what held it up but would love to know some troubleshooting steps for the dns server stuff in lxd.