Instantiating containers from bootstrap to cluster member on lxdfan network causes error

I have a cluster with 2 members, “bootstrap” (created cluster, here is preseed: and “server” (joined cluster, all values default aside from those needed to join the cluster). Both the bootstrap and the server can create containers on themselves, and those containers can talk to each other fine, as expected with the fan network. However, while the server can create containers on bootstrap, bootstrap cannot create containers on server. I get the following error:
Error: Failed preparing container for start: Failed to start device "eth0": Parent device "lxdfan0" doesn't exist
I’m assuming theres some sort of difference in network setup, and the container is being prepared for the environment on bootstrap but then launched on server? How can i solve this? Asides from just using the API/cmdline on the node i want to instantiate on.
LXD 4.0.7

EDIT/CORRECTION: After a bit of investigating ive discovered the containers were all being created on bootstrap (even when using command line on server). Forcing it to use the server results in the same error. So there seems to be a missing network interface that wasnt created (however the lxdfan0 network DOES exist in lxc network list) during setup.

Please provide output of ip a on server, and also try reloading LXD using:

sudo systemctl reload snap.lxd.daemon

I was able to resolve it by purging lxd from server and reinstalling and rejoining. Guess it was just a one time error?