Internet connection for container

I am trying to get internet to work on my lxc ubuntu container. I am currently running lxc/lxd on a macbook pro on ubuntu 20.04. No ethernet adapter only builtin wifi. Here is a copy of my Default profile dpaste/f7bN (Bash) I am open to any suggestions.

It’s not possible to do macvlan or direct bridging on wifi. WiFi by design restricts a given client session to a single MAC address, so any connectivity option which causes your container’s MAC to be exposed to the WIFi will fail.

Your best bet in such environments, if wired connectivity isn’t an option, is to use a bridge with its own subnet (like the default lxdbr0 setup) but then to allow ingress from the rest of your network, go configure your router to route traffic for your LXD subnet through your laptop’s address.