Is database: false bad


I have a 4 node cluster of lxd 3.0.3. It’s quite unstable so I’m debugging it a bit. One thing that sticks out is that one of my nodes has database: false when I show the node status. Is that a problem? There is an even number of nodes so I don’t want to break quorum or something by poking around too much.


that’s not a problem. However please upgrade to lxd 4.0.x or 4.y since the 3.0.x series has a very very very old cluster implementation which we don’t support anymore. Newer lxd version are way more stable in terms of clustering.

Thanks for the info, is it possible to do the upgrade on Bionic? Can I do safely on a live system?

It should be possible to upgrade a Bionic system if you migrate from the lxd deb package to the lxd snap. Since this is a major upgrade with a deb->snap migration involved you’ll need to stop your containers tho.

Thanks, that sounds rather dangerous. Is there a walkthrough somewhere?

You if search for “lxd migrate deb to snap” you’ll find a few hits. Basically it’s:

sudo snap install lxd
sudo lxd.migrate

Make sure the LXD daemon has been stopped on all your nodes before starting the procedure (systemctl stop lxd). Please also look at this thread.

I found this but it’s a bit old

Please read the thread I linked above.

Thanks, yes, sorry, I replied without seeing that.