Is Incus at least partly equivalent to ProxMox, or intended to be?

Many interesting apps for Home Lab project available as Docker containers. Tried installing Docker but adding apps to Docker-CE inside LXC (on ProxMox) was confusing. I am wondering if installing a Debian base from (Jenkins) image on Proxmox in an LXC container is valid; after which I would find or build app containers? Or are (Jenkins) base images themselves LXC containers? Would simply using a regular Bookworm X86_64 host image be simpler and more efficient, skipping ProxMox pve? Tnx in advance for help.

PS the Home Lab would not be internet connected, except for updates.

I once used ProxMox to create openvz containers. I then switched to LXD and Incus. So yes, Incus is partly equivalent to ProxMox. I don’t know what Docker or Jenkins or LXC has to do with the question.

Jenkins is (becoming) the new repo for lxc and incus now that Canonical has taken LXD comnercial. Re Docker and pve: I cited them as previous experiences that some in the blogosphere tout but did not work out for me due I think to version creep.

Tnx for your reply.