Is it better to use snap vs apt

I see in a lot of the lxd tutorial material there is a general recommendation to use the snap installation of lxd. In a production system running lxd 3.0 on ubuntu 18.04 which uses apt to manage the other packages in the system, is there any particular downside in using apt to manage the lxd package? (we would prefer to do this)


The deb/apt package of the 3.0 series on 18.04 is supported until 18.04 goes end of life.

The main downside is that once a new upstream 3.0.x release is out with bug/security fixes, it takes much longer (weeks) for the update to be published in the Ubuntu apt archive, because of the rigorous process involved. If you use the snap you’ll typically get the update the same day the upstream release is out.

I don’t know of any other downsides.

and if you use SNAP LXD you can install & use LXD on alot of other distro’s fairly easily.

Thanks all for the clarifications.