Is it possible to bind mount directory path relative to container?

Currently i am trying to bind mount directories using lxc.mount.entry in raw.lxc.

I was not able to specify relative paths (path interpreted inside container) for directories and had to specify the absolute path as that of host machine.

eg:- lxc.mount.entry = {source dir} /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/containers/{container-name}/rootfs/{path in container} none defaults,bind,create=dir,optional 0 0

Instead i want it like, lxc.mount.entry = {source-dir} {dest-dir} {fstab}

Is there a way to do this in lxd? Also, are there any alternatives to perform bind mounts other than through raw.lxc (ofc specifying path in container and not absolute path) ?

I am currently using snap lxd 3.0.4

NIT: Also, i think there is a bug in the website. everything mentioned within angular brackets disappears

Have you tried this:
lxc config device add {container} {device-name} disk path={dest-dir} source={source-dir}

You can also add it to a profile and add the profile to the container.