Is it possible to connect new LXD (on new partition and host distro) to existing btrfs Storage Pool?

I have two ArcoLinux distros. One of them is corrupted with a kernel panic after installing a second ArcoLinux.

Partition1 == Arcolinux1 == Kernel Panic.
Partition2 == StoragePool (btrfs)
Partition3 == Arcolinux2 == Current Host (with no storage pool)

I would like to connect Arcolinux2 to the existing StoragePool on partition2 and regain access to my containers.

I’ve tried remedies on fixing the Kernel Panic in Partition1 (Arcolinux1) but if I can regain access to the StoragePool from Arcolinux2 I would be content in abandoning Arcolinux1 as my current setup is much better.

I’ve also tried to operate lxc commands after chroot’ing into Arcolinux1 but get “connection refused” when executing ‘lxc list’.

If possible, how to connect to existing Storage Pool?

Once LXD is installed on the new system, run lxd recover which should let you specify where your old btrfs pool was, it will then scan it and let import your instances and custom storage volumes.

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Thank you @stgraber

That’s all I had to do and lxd help would have gotten me there.

For source I applied “/dev/sdaX”

That was it!

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