Is it possible to list images in LXC?

After some searching, I couldn’t find any documentation or thread on how to list images on LXC (whether they are local or from the hub). All I found were LXD documentations. So is it possible at all? If so, what is the command?

Nope, LXC has no such concept really, it’s just a bunch of local shell scripts.

For the list of local templates, look at /usr/share/lxc/templates, for the list of remote images available through the download template, just use lxc-create -t download -n NAME without specifying a distribution and the list should show up. That should match what’s on

In LXD 3.0, there’s also the lxc-oci template which then lets you load just about any Docker image, so the list gets pretty long then :slight_smile: