Is it possible to manage LXD from Kubernetes?

Is it possible to manage LXD from Kubernetes? If so, does anybody has any experience with it?
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I think that’s what LXE is doing, at least to an extent.

Yes LXE is doing this . Is there anyone with experience on this topic ?

From kubernetes forum

Bring LXC to Kubernetes

So in fact, we’ve done it. Kubernetes works together with LXC/LXD and
you can do “kubectl get pods”, “kubectl create” and so on and you have
exactly one API for all your platform services and applications.
Configmaps with LXC? Works.

LXE runs a seperate daemon end extends the API of LXD as a proxy:
Kubelet -> LXE -> LXD.

You have now exactly one API to manage all your platform
services, including your database servers. This is really fantastic.

As I undertstand using kubernetes command line interface it will be possible to launch a container for example from kubernetes and through LXE it will have as a result a lxc launch command.

I can’t find somewhere some examples on how you can create linux containers and all this stuff form kubernetes .

Any help here will be grateful.