Is live migration with snap installed lxd 3.0.1 possible?


(Ed McDonagh) #1

I have two servers, each running LXD 3.0.1 from the snap 3.0/stable channel.

I attempted to move a running server between them, and lxd complained CRIU isn’t installed on the source server. Which it was.

Then from Error in live migration I see that CRIU is included in the snap, but needs to be enabled. So I enabled it on both servers with sudo snap set lxd criu.enable=true.

But it is still complaining of CRIU not being installed on the source server.

Looking through these topics, I can see that it has been disabled (November), and that it doesn’t work migrating between hosts in a cluster, but I can’t see for sure if it should work, from a snap install, between two non-clustered servers.

Any information on this gratefully received. Thanks!


(Stéphane Graber) #2

After running snap set, you need to restart the LXD daemon with systemctl reload snap.lxd.daemon.
That should take care of the not-installed error.

(Ed McDonagh) #3

Thank you Stéphane. On to the next problem now!