¿Is Modular system LXC?

Hello there, first thanks for this great software.
I want to know if is possible to add module or plugin to LXC ?

My main concert is this case:

To customized LXC kernel to work just for threads process, see this mention:

Unlike Docker, Virtuozzo and LXC, which operate on the process level, LVE is able to operate on the thread level. This allows multithreaded servers such as Apache (with its ‘worker’ MPM) to take advantage of LVE without having to run a separate instance per LVE user.

Source: blog.phusion.nl/2016/02/03/lve-an-alternative-container-technology-to-docker-and-virtuozzolxc/

Thanks for any input.

What is needed here is to find a technical report on how cloudlinux actually works. That is, to provide isolation between threads, does it need to patch the web server source code?
Alternatively, is there a project on GitHub that does roughly that same thing?

Thanks for that, but is LXC modular system ?

As far as I know, the short answer is that for what you are describing here, is no.

Having said that,

  1. Here are the comments on HN from the 2016 announcement, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11026524 This gist is that thread-level containment makes sense for virtual hosts, but virtual hosts are not that interesting anymore.
  2. LVE is kernel-based. They distribute a patched Linux kernel in Cloudlinux, and there are negative views on this. This one is from 2012, https://lwn.net/Articles/503615/

I cannot think of a use-case for thread-level isolation other than virtual hosts.
If there was such a good use-case, then it would make sense to start a separate project. It does not appear to fit with the way LXC or LXD work.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your support.