Is there a RHEL8 LXD container image?

I’ve been using Centos for RHEL development for years but since Centos has been booted into the long grass I was wondering if there was an official RHEL LXD image for EL8?

No, it’s not something which we could legally distribute unfortunately.

RockyLinux supports an equivalent to CentOS8 which is binary compatible with RHEL8

its also got LXD container images available.

Also Alma Linux has an LXD image in the public image server, too.

One of my colleagues needed a build of software compiled for RHEL8. The almalinux/8 image worked perfectly for this purpose. Granted, I was just looking to compile with a compatible glibc.

lxc image list images: alma

I’m actually thinking I’ll create a redhat LXD container image eventually from their generic cloud image. But I’m pushed for time with my current project so its on the todo list.

Also I see their is a UBI red-hot image… which I’ll have a look at…

Didn’t have any luck with the conversion tools so I’m using Alma Linux distro which is another bistro which tracks the RHEL releases with a free to use version.