Is there a roadmap for creating a fork of pylxd for incus (pyincus I assume)?

Just wondering if there is a plan / roadmap for creating a fork of pylxd for Incus (pyIncus I would assume)?

There is no plan for that. The current recommendation is to build a brand new package from scratch.

Is it safe to assume for the moment pylxd will work with Incus?

I don’t know. I have not talked to anyone that has used it. If you give it a try, please report your results.


It should work fine, the biggest issues I’ve heard of so far are legacy codebases which were relying on the Containers API in pylxd as opposed to the more modern Instances API.

As Incus only has the Instances API, you need to make sure to use that.
Though in most cases, the fix is basically just a one liner.

Cheer I’ve a fair amount of scripts and solutions that use pylxd to glue all the orchestration together… Makes automating the creation of containers etc. pretty trivial.

At the moment I can’t install incus on any of my development environments so might be a while… But yes I will