Is there a simple way to create a container on a loop file


i want to use loop files on my hostnode to provide the rootfs for my lxd container. On classic lxc i can do this with a pre-mount script. There is the simplest way to do this with current lxd on centos 7.


When you run sudo lxd init, you are prompted for the following. By keeping the default (saying “no”), LXD creates a loop file for you.

Would you like to use an existing block device (yes/no) [default=no]? no


thank you for your help, but i want to create a loop file for every container with a specific size. I think this does not help me to do this.

You can manually create a such a loop file with lxc storage. I am not sure how you can direct each container to the exact loopback file. I suppose there should be a way.

Having said that, it is possible with a big loopback file to add containers and get the to occupy up to a size of your choosing. That would obviously be more versatile as you can also resize.