Is there a way to list files in a stopped container?

Currently trying to recover some files in a stopped and unstartable container, but I don’t want to pull everything, and I don’t know exactly which files I’d like to recover.

Something like

$ lxc file ls <container>/<path>

would be nice.

The API has some support for that, but note that you will not get any details on the type, owner, permissions, size, …

So it’s sufficient for recursive pull/push (what it’s meant for) but not really up to a file ls level:

stgraber@castiana:~/data/code/lxc/lxd (stgraber/master)$ lxc query /1.0/instances/centos3/files?path=/

Thanks Stéphane, just what I needed. I’m on 3.17 so I had to go with

$ lxc query /1.0/containers/penguin/files?path=/