Is there a way to list release notes for an lxd snap revision?

For example, I currently have lxd snap revision 17147. I can refresh to rev 17280. Can I find out what changed (issues, etc.) between 17147 and 17280, before I upgrade to it?
Does snap have such a mechanism, for all snaps?

A snap revision is an incremental number that characterizes the addition of a .snap file to the Snap Store.
There could be a LXD 4.5 snap package with revision 17204 and then a LXD 4.0.3 snap package with revision 17205.
The snap packages from the edge channels have a git commit ID and are easy to figure out.
The rest are a bit more tricky. You know the branch, for example, 4.0.3. Then, from the time of the creation of the snap package of that version, you can look back the commit history for that branch, and see whether the revision was made to add some extra minor commit.
For example, see is where we put any packaging changes like cherrypicks which trigger new builds for the non-edge channels.

Note that this feels the candidate channel, promotion to stable is handle manually after we think we’ve had enough testing in candidate.

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