Is there any advise to deploy a ceph node on a LXD host


Is it a good (or bad) idea to deploy a ceph node on hosts of a LXD cluster?

We have a LXD cluster that uses LVM at the moment. Some LXD hosts have lots of disk space and I was thinking to setup CEPH with nodes on these LXD hosts. What are the pros, what are the cons?

I’ve done it many times and I think it’s a pretty common setup.

The way I do it is I make sure that I’m dealing with at least 3 systems (otherwise consensus for both LXD and Ceph will be a problem), then pick 3 to host both OSD and Ceph services (MON, MGR, MDS) with the others just running OSD on their disks.

You need to account for the extra memory and CPU usage that comes from running those services, but it’s usually okay to do it that way, eliminates the need for dedicated storage hardware and lets you spread your storage across more systems.

(( Sorry for asking, I’m totally new to CEPH.))

MON? Don’t you mean OSD?

Fixed :slight_smile: