Is there some way to manually update cached LXD images when auto-update is off?

I’m getting LXD set up on my laptop, and I’ve run into the image auto-update feature. Now, on the surface, this feature seems great. However, I know from previous experience with LXD that the images can be somewhat large, and in my house, our Internet service isn’t the most stable thing in the world - if someone is doing something really important, one big download could wreak havoc. So I can’t afford for my machine to automatically pull a gigabyte or so of data without warning.

However, I also would like the benefits of the auto-update mechanism. So, my question is - Does LXD provide a command to manually update all of the cached LXD images (or better yet still, to manually update just one image)?

With the refresh interval set to 0, you should still be able to do lxc image refresh to kick in a manual refresh.


Thanks, my Google-fu was failing me.