Issue with images:ubuntu/23.04 - openvswitch: ovsdb-server.service is not running


If I do
lxc init images:ubuntu/23.04 c1
lxc shell c1
vi /etc/netplan/10-lxc.yaml
… make some changes …
netplan apply
I get :

** (generate:156): WARNING **: 17:47:09.180: Permissions for /etc/netplan/10-lxc.yaml are too open. Netplan configuration should NOT be accessible by others.
Cannot call openvswitch: ovsdb-server.service is not running.

If I
chmod go-r 10-lxc.yaml
and try again I get :
Cannot call openvswitch: ovsdb-server.service is not running.
Why is this so? If I use images:ubuntu/22.04 or 22.10 this works.

lxd 5.13-cea5ee2 24758 latest/stable/… canonical✓ -

I’m running LXD on 23.04.

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This is still a problem for me.

The warning looks like something we should fix @monstermunchkin

I did a quick search for the ovsdb-server problem and found:

So it seems to be a bug that was fixed in Ubuntu 22.04 but perhaps also exists in 23.04.

Please could you file a bug for that?


I think it would also suggest the netplan file in the 23.04 base image is too permissive by default. It needs to be umask 077?


wipes a tear I think this is the first time I’ve ever had something I reported actually get fixed by anyone.

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