Issue with the PATH to run LXD and my work around

I have successfully installed LXD on my system. All is working well now that I have a certain pesky issue resolved.

That issue is the /etc/profile.d/ file snap installs to put /snap/bin/ in the PATH is not being read when I login. I am working from a terminal window, as I’m sure most people are. My work around is to create sym-links similar to the ones in /snap/bin/ in the /usr/local/bin/ – something that is in the path.

My 2 cents:
Where the Snap Package Manager is a great concept in that it is a universal package manager, it is really over done and huge. For me Linux Containers has the advantage over Docker. This is based on what I have learned about containerization so far, which is why I went ahead and installed Snap. I really didn’t want to install Snap once I found out how big it was and a couple of features it has, one of which is that it runs at the kernel lever – snapd. This seems like potential hole for a security breach, which bothers on me. I would much prefer to use a Debian package (.deb) to install LXD.