Just a thought about "incus publish" command

It’s not a big issue or anything, but…

When I am using “incus publish” command to create template from the snapshot of some instance, then “tab” key from the keyboard is helping me with instance name selection, but it does not helping me with the snapshot selection.

It’s a small thing and I can pretty easily check snapshots with “incus snapshot list ”, but would it be possible?


Should be possible by tweaking the completion profile.

@adamcstephens did the recent switch to cobra’s completion logic so he’s the most likely to be able to do this quickly, but otherwise you can always file a request at GitHub - lxc/incus: Powerful system container and virtual machine manager and we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer and for the link.

If you do create a ticket, please ping or assign me so it can add to my queue. Thanks!

He did and I’ve sorted it out already :slight_smile:

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