Latest version of LXC/LXD via PPA

We have a number of LXC/LXD servers running (v2.20) in production and don’t want to migrate to the SNAP version just yet. We have not had time to modify our automation scripts to support snaps or do any testing, so we are just sticking with the PPA version for now.

What is the latest PPA version of LXC/LXD? If 2.20 is not the most recent, how can I update LXC/LXD to the latest PPA version?

Never mind. As soon as I posted this topic I found the answer in another thread (as usual!).

apt clean 
apt install -t xenial-backports lxd lxd-client
apt update

As of today (Nov 12, 2018), the latest PPA version via backports is 3.0.2

xenial-backports eventually gets the LXD version of the next LTS of Ubuntu (18.04).

I think last week Ubuntu 18.04 got LXD 3.0.2, so with a tiny bit of delay, the same version made it to Ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks @Simos. Any way I can restrict the back-ports to the latest 2.x version of LXD? We have run into a couple of issues managing 2.13, 2.2o, and 3.0.2 containers from our main management server (running 2.13).

From the LXD github page, I see the 2.x latest version of LXD as 2.21. I would like to install that on my server for testing.

You can do pinning so that the packages from backports are not getting installed along with the rest of the updates. For more, see

Then, when you install LXD, you can pick and choose the version. Note that you need to install the full set of packages from the same version. When you use apt, you specify the package version as well.