Learning resources for LXC networking and storage pools

Hi folks,

Im really enjoying my foray into LXC\LXD.

Are there any good resources for learing about storage pools and networking in LXC\LXD. I have looked at the documentation on the main site however I feel it doesnt do much in the way of an actual tutorial, rather a list of options with some examples.

I’d love to explore LXC \ LXD further but am a bit stuck by my knowledge currently. Can you point me in the direction of any good storage pool tutorials and networking tutorials, ie should I be looking a putting the host on a separate network to the containers, or is it ok that the host remains in the same network.

Also Im a bit unfamiliar with the different storage pool options and ways of implementing storage in my containers.

Hoping ye can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks,

Simos has a great blog and much info on LXD

also the LXD subreddit might have something

Thank you for these links.

We also have a Tutorials section which has some network related guides.

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