Linking LXD container to my node js app

Hello Guys!
I am new here and also fairly new to Linux LXD.
I am working on a node js application which involved lxd as well. Basically my goal is to connect the lxd container to node js app. For example, if I click a link on my node js app, it automatically opens up with linux container.
Most tutorials i see have to do with running node js on lxd container but the vice versa is not available.
Any leads?

So you want another lxd container which runs webserver, where should be the “target” of your nodejs “link”? Or am i missing the point?
LXDs are something like virtual servers, so what is running inside is completely up to you (and the setup of networking and other stuff vice versa)

I suppose you want to make a Node.js app that will manage LXD?
That is, allow you to easily create containers from your web browser and so on?

You would need to implement the LXD API in your app,

Also, check as well.

basically my project is about online coding examination system. The coding environment has been created on a linux container and the website interface is node js. Now I have a button called “start code” on my webpage and I want that when I click on that button, the linux container is exposed on the web.

I suppose then you need something like this,

What you need is to expose a terminal window of the container through the Web browser.

Here is the source code of the website above,