Long-term (3+year) LXD commitment?

Has this ever happened to you?

You fall in love with a container platform but realize you don’t really have a grasp of its long-term plan and/or commitment level.

I’d like to know what commitments (if any) there are from supporters of LXD with regards to keeping it going over the next 3-5 years. I understand it falls under the Canonical umbrella but have no visibility into how broad, committed (and willing to commit resources) the user base is.

Are there any well-resourced companies that are known to be using LXD for important infrastructure?

Has Canonical made it clear what their level of commitment is to LXD going forward and for how long?

Thanks much!



Kinsta uses LXD for their webhosting.


The LXD maintainers are indeed paid by Canonical and we’ve been making LTS releases of LXD every 2 years with a commitment of 5 years of upstream support. This matches what we were doing upstream around LXC and LXCFS prior to LXD being a thing.

As we’ve now done 4 of those for LXC/LXCFS and 3 of those for LXD, I think we have a pretty good track record on this.

Canonical may be extending things even further for Ubuntu users through things like ESM, but that’s separate from the point releases and security support we’re doing upstream.