Looking for a list of LXC managers

What are the options available for remote LXC management? I have a bare metal server where I am thinking of hosting LXCs, but would like to find some type of GUI to manage LXCs either remotely or on the server.

Hi yogi,

I am using this at the moment. It works very well for most things.

I can manage all my servers and their containers remotely.

Below are a few screen shots taking a few minutes ago

Can lxd be used to manage remote containers?

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I think mine is currently the most feature rich and supports managing an unlimited number of remote hosts

@bmullan put together a list on reddit which you can see below (the pictures of LXDMosaic are very out of date on the reddit post)


Which ports have to be open on the LXD host to add it as a server?

Any port you specify (and told LXD to run on 8443 is the default)


LXDMosaic has had so many improvements & enhancements since I made that post on the LXD sub-reddit perhaps when you get some time you could put together a new post w some pictures to show/explain all the great features & capabilities LXDMosaic has now ?

If you haven’t done so yet, might I suggest even doing a multi-part video demo and post to youtube like I did for my project “CIAB Remote Desktop System” to show potential LXDMosaic Users all it can do?

I know that takes some time but I put together my 3 part video in a day and think it helps not only explain features but “how-to” do things with the application. I used simplescreenrecorder to create my video’s as its simple to use and does a great job. It lets you record either a full screen or just a section of the screen if you want.

By the way you are doing terrific work improving LXDMosaic !


Awesome, I’m glad you tooted your horn…I just getting up to speed with learning more of the available tools for container management. I manage just over 200 containers on 12 different servers around the world. Most of my work is remote and I enjoy cli interface most of the time. However I am glad to connect with guys like you that put together incredibly useful tools for LXD/LXC works. The repo I cloned was one I found in git. Its dated, but does work. Looking forward to trying yours. Thanks for sharing!

Pleas excuse me if I got this wrong, but from your Wiki I gather it requires LXD, so it’s not an LXC interface per se, In my case I use Debian and LXC, not LXD, so this won´t work for me, is that correct?
Thank you for your time, it does indeed looks like a great work!

No sure who you are replying to but you are right none of these projects target LXC as far as im aware

I my opinion it would be unusual to write a manager for LXC directly, the only one I really know of is proxmox! (but you then of course get pulled into the whole proxmox eco system)

Thank you for your answer, I’m sorry I didn’t quoted properly, I was asking [turtle0x1].
I agree, all I need is to be able to manage a few containers in a more comfortable way (I’m lazy) and proxmox is not the way to go for me, I’ve tried it, is has some big disadvantages for my use case.

Yogi, I will add to the list the LXD dashboard by LXDWARE as it will allow you to control multiple remote LXD servers from a web-based dashboard. You can find it here: https://lxdware.com