Loss of github issue history for lxd-pkg-snap?

Does anyone know what’s happened to the issue tracker for lxd-pkg-snap?

For example,
redirects to
but there are no issues there any more, only pull requests.

That’s a LXD question so probably better suited for Canonical’s forum.

It looks like this repository was reconfigured not to allow issues anymore.

It’s definitely a bit odd that the Github Issues feature was disabled in the first place and even weird that there’s no README.md in the repository telling folks where to report issues.



Please report LXD related issues here Issues · canonical/lxd · GitHub

The packaging issues were disabled to centralise issue reporting.


Where do you suggest - the launchpad bug tracker, or somewhere else?

There’s no “discuss” tab at GitHub - canonical/lxd-pkg-snap: LXD snap packaging

Discussions (rather than issues) can be done here Support - Ubuntu Community Hub

Thanks. Now raised at Missing github issue history for lxd-pkg-snap - Support - Ubuntu Community Hub

(after having had to go through the whole discobot dance to get posting rights)