LXC 3.0.1. compatibility and installation

Hi everyone,

first of all it’s my first time working with LXC so please do not assume familiarity :grinning:.

I need to create a container, which runs on LXC 3.0.1. but on my Ubuntu 18.04 I saw that I had 3.0.3. preinstalled so I wonder if it is backwards compatible. Since I wasn’t sure I tried to install 3.0.1. , which was successful, but then I’m not sure how to differentiate between the two versions, because the preinstalled is in $PATH and gets called everytime. I also couldn’t find the path to the version I installed and I couldn’t find a way to downgrade or delete 3.0.3 .

Any help is appreciated and thanks!

Why expilicitly 3.0.1 ? 3.0.3 will have more bug fixes ETC not present in 3.0.1?

Basically I have to give the container to another company so that they can work with it. I don’t know why, it’s just in the requirements for this project and I cannot change it.

Ah thats a pain! I assume they would be backwards compatible but that’s a big assumption for the context, hopefully some from the dev team can confirm.