LXC 4.0.9 : lxc-start doesn't work with systemd service, type simple/forking

Hi All,
I got an issue with the systemd service when using lxc-start with type=simple/forking
See below the extract of log file.
FYI, it works with command line in a session.
Thanks for your help.

Extract of log file :
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140657.354 NOTICE start - start.c:start:2159 - Exec’ing “/sbin/init”
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140657.361 NOTICE start - start.c:post_start:2170 - Started “/sbin/init” with pid “5998”
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140759.130 DEBUG start - start.c:signal_handler:432 - Container init process 5998 exited
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140759.130 DEBUG start - start.c:__lxc_start:2112 - Unknown exit status for container “JIZOM_ALERT.CT” init 9
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140759.130 INFO error - error.c:lxc_error_set_and_log:33 - Child <5998> ended on signal (9)
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140759.249 INFO network - network.c:lxc_delete_network_priv:3670 - Removed interface “vJIZOM_ALERT” from “brALR”
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140759.249 DEBUG network - network.c:lxc_delete_network:4180 - Deleted network devices
lxc-start JIZOM_ALERT.CT 20210826140759.337 INFO conf - conf.c:run_script_argv:333 - Executing script “/usr/share/lxcfs/lxc.reboot.hook” for container “JIZOM_ALERT.CT”, config section “lxc”

Hi All,
Sorry it’s due to my service script.
This is closed.