LXC bridge configuraion

Is it possible to interconnect/merge the two lxc bridge? If so how we can do that please give a suggestion.

Thank you

Are these going to be bridges attached to network cards? Or bridges not attached to a network card?

Can you describe an example of such a network? An example would show your routing requirements.

Hi simon,
Is it possible to add same interface to two different bridge. I created a bridge called br0 with interface eth0. If i try to create an another bridge with same interface (because my laptop have only one ethernet interface) but its gives me the error.

I am doing a testwork on server and client. Both server and client running on two separate lxc container. There are three bridges (lxcbr0,br0,br1), Inital case both containers are connected to br0 after some time container running the client app will disconnected from br0 and connected to br1and try to exchange the packets and client will come back to br0 (br0 represents the LAN network in HOME br1 represents the phone network). All i wanted to do is that i need to interconnect all 3 bridges for demonstrating a cloud example. If you have any doubt please let me know. I am expecting your reply
Thank you

Hi Prajeesh,

Ideally, I would suggest to try openvswitch. It makes it much easier than using plain bridges.
I am not familiar though on how to use plain LXC with openvswitch. If you search the Net about openvswitch, you should be able to locate some good guides.

Also, note that it is good to have an additional network card for these tests. Because when you allocate your network card to openvswitch, you would lose connectivity on the main interface of the host.
A cheap way to solve this, is to get a USB to Ethernet adapter. Such a USB 2.0/Ethernet adapter costs a few dollars. A USB 3.0/Ethernet adapter costs less than $10.

Hi simos
Thank you… Is it possible to switch the bridge from one to another without restarting the lxc container. At this moment i am modifying the config file of the lxc container for that i need to stop and start the container. Is there any alternate way is there?

I am not familiar with LXC. In LXD you can add and remove nic devices at will.