Lxc checkpoint error

I tried chechpoin my VM. ubuntu had a this error .

sudo cat dump.log 
Error (criu/namespaces.c:463): Can't dump nested uts namespace for 109723
Error (criu/namespaces.c:724): Can't make utsns id
iptables-restore: line 6 failed
Error (criu/util.c:643): exited, status=1
ip6tables-restore: line 6 failed
Error (criu/util.c:643): exited, status=1
Error (criu/cr-dump.c:2099): Dumping FAILED.

so ı tried busybox but it has error too.

sudo lxc stop --stateful busybox
Error: Unable to perform live container migration. CRIU isn’t installed. To migrate the container, stop the container before migration or install CRIU

my main goal is to chackpoint an android app or container. is it possible.