Lxc cluster and port forwards

I have a 3 node cluster all built on ubuntu 24.04,
Node1 is running desktop, node2-3 server.

On node1 I am able to build a lxc with apache2 and get it working with the port forwards to node1.

however if I migrate to node2, add in a new forward to node 2 it will not work.

I have confirmed that the services are running in the container after migration.

I have scratch created a new container in node2 with the same result, port forwarding is not working

Ufw is not enabled

Is there a location where I can see any error logs?

ok so TiL.

Im new to lxd/lxc and learning as I go. I am mainly using the webui to configure and I figured out I have to be on the webui of node2 for it to work.

I was using node1 to create/deploy/configure the container on node2, everything but the port forward in the webui work.

once I did that I was able to navigate to the port forward on node2 and get my page.