Lxc command not giving output

When I run lxc list or any lxc command, I do not get any output or even any error to know what is wrong. Is there anyway I can get to the bottom of this?

Welcome to the community, glow33! What is the output for the command lxc-checkconfig (as root or sudoer user)?

Also, if possible, please provide more details about your environment, like:

  • Distribution:
  • Distribution version:
  • The output of
    • lxc-start --version
    • lxc-checkconfig
    • uname -a
    • cat /proc/self/cgroup
    • cat /proc/1/mounts
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Thanks you! I just recently upgraded my kernel. That seems to be what was causing the issue. When I rolled back then I started getting output from lxc. I am running on manjaro, kernel version 5.15.131-1-MANJARO while the kernel that gave me issues was 6.15…-MANJARO. Also appears as someone has similar issues as me https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/t/trouble-installing-lxd-on-manjaro-6-1-19/16698/2
I will try your suggestions on the new kernel later and see the output I get.