Lxc config device: Error: not found

Hi all! I have these containers set on my localhost:

# lxc-ls --fancy
ansible    STOPPED 0         -      -         -    false        
jenkins    RUNNING 0         - -    false        
k8s-master STOPPED 0         -      -         -    false   

In container jenkins (ubuntu) I’ve got a jenkins running on port 8080:

# ssh ubuntu@
ubuntu@jenkins:~$ curl http://localhost:8080
<html><head><meta http-equiv='refresh' content='1;url=/login?from=%2F'/><script>window.location.replace('/login?from=%2F');</script></head><body style='background-color:white; color:white;'>

Authentication required
You are authenticated as: anonymous
Groups that you are in:
Permission you need to have (but didn't): hudson.model.Hudson.Administer

How can I map the container port to my localhost port? I tried this (following this https://blog.simos.info/how-to-use-the-lxd-proxy-device-to-map-ports-between-the-host-and-the-containers/) way but didn’t work:

# lxc config device add jenkins myport8080 proxy listen=tcp: connect=tcp:
Error: not found

My lxc version

# lxc --version

What is this Error: not found?

this command returns empty:

# lxc config get jenkins


You’re mixing old school LXC (lxc-ls) with LXD here (lxc list), you first need to move all your containers over to LXD before you can start using things like the proxy device.

thanks! I’m didn’t know that. I will try what you said