LXC container is missing the lxcbr0 interface

i could see the lxcbr0 interface in host but i cant not see lxcbr0 interface in lxc container.
here is my config file

You won’t, lxc will create a veth interface called eth0 inside the container and connect it to lxcbr0.

OK, Thanks . what confused me is.
This is the new lxc running on ubuntu22

and below is the lxc running on ubuntu 14 ( lxc version V0.9)
i could see a interface with lxcbr0.

Maybe you were running lxc inside lxc before?

Not Realy , is it possible to get the interface if we install lxc inside the container ? but you are right the ip suggest it is nested lxc. the lxc in use is never used as nested lxc for sure.

i have a old tarball which has rootfs zipped and it is installed with some libs like chromium etc , it was made on ubuntu14.04 and runs only on lxc(V.09).