Lxc-copy does nothing when I run it

distro: Debian Buster
lxc ver: 3.0.3-8
fs: btrfs

The only thing I could find was this article: [4.0.4]: lxc-copy does nothing

An example, I tried
lxc-copy -n spam -N spam-test -s -B btrfs
lxc-copy -n spam -N spam-test -s -B btrfs -M -P /opt

with user and with root, nothing happened, nothing was created. Check /var/lib/lxc and nothing was there (neither was anything in /opt).

I appreciate your time if for some advice and direction and perhaps some examples would be great (if I’m doing something wrong)

Is it because I didn’t use -B btrfs when I created my containers? https://wiki.calculate-linux.org/working_with_lxc

Well, hell. I learned something today. Always use -B btrfs option or convert.

lxc-create -P /path/to/container -t download -n container_name – -d debian -r buster -a amd64 --keyserver hkp://p80.pool.sks-keyservers.net:80 -B btrfs