Lxc copy on zfs

Hey there,

I have the following scenario

container1 → limit disk space of 100GB, used 30GB
lxc copy container1 container2

lxc config device set container2 root size 50GB
lxc start container2
lxc exec container2 – df -h
default/containers/container2 100G 30G 70G

pool is not “updated” with the new parameters
lxc config show → shows the correct value

zfs list gives
default/containers/container1 30G 70G 30G legacy
default/containers/container2 76.9M 50G 29.8G legacy

Since it’s a copy why there isn’t any updates on the used disk space? Also lxc copy happened for like 2-3 seconds.

I saw that lxc copy does snapshot of the source container and creates the new one working on the snapshot.

But this comes with some questions.
What happens if source container is deleted? Are all snapshot deleted which are referenced to a copy container?
What happens if I reduce the disk limit on the source but the snapshot uses more ?