Lxc copy when local LXD is behind CG-NAT


I was trying to copy a container from a local machine to a remote server (foo) following the instructions here. The remote machine has a public ip address, and i was able to get a list of containers running using
lxc list foo:

Unfortunately, I was not able to copy the container from local LXD to remote server. My local LXD container is behind CG-NAT (ISP limitation). It seems that there is a requirement that the local LXD should also be accessible to the remote. This is evident from the instructions,

Now on your local LXD, we just need to make it visible to the network so we can transfer containers and images from it:

lxc config set core.https_address [::]:8443

I was hoping that making the remote visible on the network is good enough, and local LXD can simply push data to the remote (rather than pull from remote).

Try using the --mode push flag (documented via the --help flag):

 --mode  Transfer mode. One of pull (default), push or relay (default "pull")